About Us


A Gnork is an amalgamation of a Geek a Nerd and a Dork.  By our Definition a Geek is someone that is heavy into gaming.  A nerd is someone more into computers.  A Dork is something you are labeled as you are a bit socially awkward.  We here at Gnork Games qualify for all three, even if we resist the latter as much as possible, it’s still there.  Usually the more you resist the harder you are tagged *cough* Steven *cough*.  So meet the Development team for Gnork Games:

Joey – Nerd

Hey Hey, I’m Joey, and I shall be representing the Ginger Nation at Gnork Games.  Along with these two nuckleheads I’ve been gaming for well over a decade.  I have competed in Convention level CCG tourneys as well as video game console tourneys.  I even went so far as to break a CCG during a convention.  After years of scrutinizing over other peoples games and finding flaws I felt it was time to put up or shut up.  So I got the two steves and we began creating our own game(s). As with many brainstorming sessions we got many in the hopper, but we want to start with one.

Steven  – Dork

      Hi, I’m Steven Mestrovich, I’ve been a gamer my whole life. Starting at the age of 8, not remembering which came first, I got into both CCGs and video games. Starting with the CCGs, I got into MTG when my father’s friend showed me the game. From there, I went from game to game with titles including: Warlords, Dragonball Z, Naruto, and many more. When it comes to video games, the earliest in my life was the Nintendo. The list of the consoles go on from there too all the way up my current Xbox 360 as well as my PSVita. The biggest game I am playing right now would be League of Legends and I love it, even more with friends. I Can’t imagine my life without games and could never stop playing them. Even as you read this, if I am not working on something for Gnork Games, I’ll be playing a game. 

Steve  – Geek

Steve Martin (who despite the name, is NOT a wild and crazy guy) has been gaming forever….. A long time RPG player whose mind was blown when Magic: The Gathering was inflicted upon his bank account. He has taken his love of Board and Card games to help create Field Tactics with two friends who were looking for something new and different.  In addition to creating games, running two different RPG campaigns (Pathfinder & NWoD for those that are interested), he spends his remaining time owning a used bookstore and raising his daughter with his patient and understanding wife. 

Steve has since moved on to pursue other endeavors, but his creative influence is still felt at Gnork Games.

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